Business Opportunity

Rilix is designed for business

The Rilix Coaster is designed for those who want to create their own enterprise, achieve financial independence, or simply enhance their current business. With a low initial investment, you can recoup the cost of your Rilix Coaster and see returns within six months.

The numbers speak for themselves.







Why buy a Rilix Coaster

Virtual reality is one of the fastest growing markets today. Some of the world’s biggest companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft continue to invest heavily in the development of this technology. It is estimated that the VR market will reach $35 billion by 2025.
With Rilix, you can be a part of this growth.

Fun for All Ages

Low Initial Investment

Business Management Software

Low Energy Consumption


Innovative Technology

Quick Return on Investment

Flexible Business Model

Updates and Suppourt Included

Made in the USA

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Managing your Rilix Coasters effortlessly
Intuitive coaster management system

Rilix has developed a fully featured coaster management system so you can easily grow and manage your business. Access to your personalized portal is included with the purchase of every Rilix product and allows you to follow the operation of your simulator(s) in real time, including details about each use and key business metrics.

Your management system provides all the information you need to keep your business running smoothly and profitably.  The intuitive system is accessible from any device with internet connection, putting the power to run your business in the palm of your hand, wherever you are.

Real time tracking
Manage Simulator Operations
Accessible Anywhere
Flexible options to fit your business

The Rilix team designed every aspect of the coaster system with you in mind. Tracking the number of rides on your coaster is made easy with Rilix Coins. This virtual currency system captures usage data and key business metrics allowing you to measure return on investment and gain key insights into your Rilix Coaster business.

How it works

Each ride on the Rilix Coaster virtual reality roller coaster is activated with virtual Rilix Coins. The ride data and your Rilix Coin balance are always in sync with your Rilix business management software. 

Every Rilix coaster comes pre-loaded with thousands of Rilix Coins and you simply purchase prepaid refill packages as needed. The beauty of this system is it never impacts your customer's experience, they simply pay you for the ride and have a blast!  

Need to sign up or get more Rilix Coins? 

See Rilix Coaster in action
Explore the product and experience the innovative technology that guarantees fun for all ages.

Rilix Coaster is taking the entertainment industry by storm and offers a unique opportunity to grow your business while providing your customers with unrivaled experiences. The Rilix Coaster can be found in: 

Shopping Centers
Cruise Ships
Theme Parks
Hotels & Resorts
Rent for Events
Conventions & Trade Shows
Social & Corporate Events
Commercial Centers
Entertainment Complexes
Rilix-Coaster_Ferris Wheel_1712469_5b97cd
County Fairs

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